VMware NSX-T: New Features


VMware NSX-T is a network virtualization and security platform designed for multi-cloud environments. It provides a range of services for network automation, security, and virtualization. With every new release, NSX-T introduces new features and improvements to enhance the platform’s functionality and ease of use. Here are some of the latest new features in NSX-T.

  1. NSX-T 3.2

NSX-T 3.2 was released in March 2021 and brought a range of new features and enhancements to the platform. These include:

  • Advanced routing: NSX-T 3.2 introduces BGP EVPN routing support, which allows for more efficient routing across data centers and clouds.
  • Kubernetes integration: NSX-T 3.2 provides tighter integration with Kubernetes, allowing for better management of network policies and services in Kubernetes environments.
  • Security enhancements: NSX-T 3.2 introduces support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for NSX-T communication, as well as enhancements to Distributed Firewall (DFW) and Endpoint Monitoring.
  • Improved automation: NSX-T 3.2 introduces enhancements to API-based automation, including support for Terraform, Ansible, and other automation tools.
  1. NSX-T 3.1

NSX-T 3.1 was released in October 2020 and also introduced several new features and enhancements, including:

  • Multi-cloud networking: NSX-T 3.1 introduces support for multi-cloud networking, allowing for easier connectivity and management of workloads across multiple clouds.
  • Performance improvements: NSX-T 3.1 introduces several performance improvements, including faster DFW rules processing and improved vMotion performance.
  • Enhanced security: NSX-T 3.1 introduces several enhancements to DFW, including support for more granular rules and simplified policy configuration.
  • Improved automation: NSX-T 3.1 introduces several enhancements to automation and orchestration, including support for Ansible and improved integration with vRealize Automation.


VMware NSX-T continues to evolve and improve with every new release, introducing new features and enhancements to improve network agility, security, and scalability in multi-cloud environments. With support for advanced routing, Kubernetes integration, and improved automation, NSX-T is a powerful tool for managing and securing modern IT environments.

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