No Retry button, failed VCF SDDC manager download. Bundle Management


If your missing the retry button in SDDC manager lifecycle management, then on one of the bundles try this fix, I’d test it for the VxRail package however i’m assuming this will work for all packages that fail.

Run the “bundle_cleanup” utility on the SDDC Manager against the failed download:

/opt/vmware/vcf/lcm/lcm-app/bin/bundle_cleanup.py VXRAIL7-0-371-27538721DLD2323_VxRail-7-0-371-Composite-Upgrade-Slim-Package-for-7-0-x-zip

To find the correct package, i had used the GUI/UI, in lifecycle management click the package that has failed and click view details:

Click view details

use the bundle ID:


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