vCenter 7 /storage/core and /storage/log full 100%


Had an issue where the following appear to occur in vCenter:

vCenter Server /storage/core filling up with core.in:imfile.XXXX when configuring vCenter syslog server (81327) (vmware.com)

This is a collection of the commands i’d used to fix this problem this problem:

After i'd completed the workaround in the VMware KB above, i'd then removed the files that were taking up space using this command:

rm core.in:imfile.*

cd /storage/log/ #I'd run the command below from the location that was full
du -a |sort -n -r |head -n 20 # This is really helpful, lists the directories and size.  
cd /storage/log/vmware/vmware-sps/ #Then changed into the directory that was full, found an 11g log file using ls -lha.

Useful commands:
df -h
du -a |sort -n -r |head -n 20
ls -lha

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