Error deploying VCF on VxRail 4.2 workload domain ‘invalid parameter’


Task adding VxRail cluster to domain, error Invalid parameter: ovftool pre-verification failed for deployment of vm:

The fix for this issue came from the release notes of the product:

Workaround: In the vSphere client create a folder under the management domain data center and move the vSAN witness host VM into that folder.

The Solve procedure asks you to create a datacentre object earlier on for the MGMT WLD vSAN witness object, to get around this i’d created a folder under the Datacentre object of the MGMT cluster and moved the vSAN witness into there, plan on moving it back later once everything is operational because I don’t think the vSAN witness is meant to reside inside the same DC as the Cluster its a witness too.

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