HCX Migration Example


First Job is to create a network profile

A Network Profile is a component of a complete Compute Profile. You will have to create a Network Profile for each network you intend to use with the HCX services. The HCX Manager selects these network profiles when creating a Compute Profile and assignes one or more of four Network Profile functions:

  1. Management Network
  2. Uplink Network
  3. vMotion Network
  4. vSphere Replication Network

With your browser open on the Enterprise HCX Manager, go to Infrastructure -> Interconnect -> Multi-Site Service Mesh and select the Network Profiles.

An HCX Network profile is a pool of available IPs on a specific subnet. HCX will use this pool of IPs to install the HCX service appliances. The first network profile created in this demo is for the Management subnet.

Actual VM Migration using HCX

Click on the services \ migration and click migrate

Select the VM’s you would like to migrate and click add

Configure the destination compute container, folder, storage

Select your migration profile

Add the extended options you would like:

when you’ve set the options you would like for the migration, you can validate the settings.

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