Deploy HCX Manager


Start by deploying to OVA file onto a vSphere cluster, then when the deployment has completed you will be presented with this screen:

Put the location and click continue

Type the System Name

Next you’ll be asked what instance type to configure (I’ve selected vSphere)

Connect your vCenter and NSX:

NSX is optional BTW

Next Question is what PSC did you want to use in the environment, I’d added the vCenter as the PSC, my environment was embedded.

Configure Public Access URL:

I’d used and IP address here, however this could be a DNS record


After the reboot you’ll get two different URL’s you can use:

Https://IPAddressorDNS:9443 (This is the Admin console)

Start and stop services on the appliance summary
Licensing, vCenter config, NSX, SSO,

One of the Tabs is interesting, role mapping, you’ll need to change the user groups if your SSO deployment isn’t called vSphere.local e.g. xyx.local

Appliance settings, IP address, Proxy server etc.

Next URL is Https://IPAddressorDNS (This is the Hybridity or HCX client!)

Logon here using vCenter SSO credentials

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